1st Week: The Journey

It’s interesting how design studio started.

Each student was given a bus/tram route to take and then from that destination, to make our way back to studio by walking, and record our experience (with our 5 senses). Got on the tram and after a 10-15mins journey, I was in a residential area. It started out pretty nerve wrecking because I was placed in an environment I had no memory of and without a map. But there was a certain feeling of adventure.

It was interesting coming across cute miniature looking houses, a sculpture park, the Turkish embassy and a lady who asked me for the time (and she was blabbering in Czech to me).

And as I was walking, the thought came about how this experience can relate to our lives. Sometimes we remain aimless about what we want in our lives and there are many different ways of trying to reach the end point. The paved road? The dirt road? Or should I make the turn? But with a map, we get our barrings right and can figure out which way is the destination.

Depending on how you see this, I would relate the map to Jesus & the Holy Spirit, our constant guide and friend. Each path or road we take, comes with a choice. As we walk in His way, He leads us to take a direction. From there, the journey and experience continues. But there are times when we don’t want to follow the map, venturing out on our own to take a short cut; only to be met with a dead end or in an unpleasant event. That is why,

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6

The journey might be a long and tiring one, and maybe the end isn’t clear. But through Jesus, I know that the destination would be seeing His Kingdom come to pass. While it’s easy for me to write about this, to an audience of mostly Christian readers, I do struggle with trying to put that into words and telling pre believers when I see them.


How would you see your journey?

Lord, help me to put you first in everything and help me to live out your purpose in my life.


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