Alternative Therapy

Cooking is my new form of therapy.

Yes, you heard me right. Somehow it becomes like a breather from the hustle and bustle of things. I’m beginning to enjoy the process of just getting the ingredients ready and then cooking, tasting your own creation; and not forgetting washing the dishes up! And given the context that Prague is a land with no veggie (only cabbage and lettuce grows well)(Sobs, I need greens and fiber!), no Chinatown (No, bean paste or chicken rice chilli!) and our tiny kitchen’s using an induction stove, we make do with what we have and get creative! So the last few days, home cooked food was like a slice of home.

I’m thankful my mum is an awesome cook and I was able to pick up few tips along the way about cooking. And with Lynette as my trusty sous-chef, I’m glad she managed to learn the ropes of doing simple cutting and cooking pretty fast. Each meal is an adventure and achievement for us. It has been our testing ground for experimenting and practising our cooking skills. To name a few, like making plum sauce jam, pan-fried biscuit crumbs chicken and cutting down our cooking time.

Interestingly, I used to joke with my classmate when she was on exchange that she would become domesticated from doing cooking. So the fingers are pointed the other way round now. But I guess its a known fact, that when placed in a foreign land, you tend to be more independent and resourceful.

So why not YOU try whipping something up today?

If sam can cook, so can you


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