Things you never knew about Prague

1. Metros and trams have a button which you have to press if you want to enter or exit at that stop.

2. A traditional Czech dish will consist of a side which is called dumplings. Not the 饺子 we usually eat with vinegar but it’s made from bread (or from potato or stuffed with lettuce or fruits in it)

3. Lots of nice chill/hang out places for a good cup of coffee and snacks! ((((:

4. Music and culture is really a part of their life. You will see musicians playing their stuff on the streets and there are many musical performances held in the different cathedrals. (Can’t wait to watch Swan Lake at the National Theatre! <3)

5. Students are high priority. The system in Europe takes care of the student welfare, so with our International Student Card, we get discounts for quite a lot of places including the Swan Lake performance which I hope to purchase soon!

6. Prague is a place to just WALK. It’s walk-able to get from place to place within the city centre and on one occasion a group of us walked for the whole day for more than 10k! So time to stretch those legs!

7. Integrity is really something in the transport system. You practically walk through the gantry/up a tram without a need to tap anything. Buy a ticket and it will punch your date of purchase, walk through and tadah! But the occasional station master will flash his badge to check your card. (my friend and I were asked twice)

8. Czech people are pretty friendly and helpful, they will come to help a tourist if they are lost. Once we wanted to reconfirm our bearings and a lady approach us without us asking her and just pointed to the location we were at and said, “You are here now.”

9. Dogs are king here or at least in Europe. They are allowed on the metro, trams and buses. You might even catch the occasional one in the church or the supermarket.

10. Dogs are super obedient, they don’t bark/pee/smell people while on public transport. They only listen to ONE voice, their owner’s. I find it so intriguing when dogs can understand Czech.

To be continued… Shall write more discoveries soon!
Now to brace for the cold autumn winds.


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