Autumn Winds

It’s autumn…
It’s 11 degrees and dropping fast to 7…
With the sun is setting on us…
And Lynette and I decided to try running in this weather.

Doing it back in Singapore was fine and I would jump at the idea of doing it (Or at least try to push myself to do it). But in the cold!?! The good thing about this weather is that you won’t get all sweaty or at least the sweat is minimal when you run. The funny thing was, none of us came prepared with running gear. So with sneakers and whatever tees we had plus a jacket and gloves, we set off.

What I love about running on the streets is to see the sights and sounds and to find new stuff. So the new discovery was to find the Stalin Hotel, which is now Crown Plaza Hotel. It’s a building done during the Soviet’s reign and it was something we had learnt in our urban planning lecture. Moreover, I chanced upon a charity shop which was closed, and my eye caught a used guitar there. So might pop by one day to check it out. ((((:

As of now, its 7 degrees outside but with the windows and curtains shut. The room still feels cold.
Trying to “tahan” while doing up a design studio’s presentation for Monday.


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