Off to the movies!

Probably going to watch this with our French classmate and friends,

Alois Nebel: A snippet of the movie (in Czech)

It’s adapted from a czech graphic novel, which features the main character Alois Nebel, a lonely train dispatcher whose memories of childhood flood back (Iron Curtain), which gave him a traumatic effect and landed him in a mental institution. There, he meets a mute who had escaped through the woods and starts to piece things together. Part of the movie highlights Czech history and about real trauma.

What the director (Tomás Lunák) had done was to shoot the entire movie in real life (with actors and surroundings) and then changing it into a black and white comic style (called Rotoscoping)… So its highly recommended to go to watch. So would be intriguing to see how the director depicts the landscape with the tones of grey, black and white.

Click the photo to head to the movie website!

This is how the real actor looked like
(Taken from a photography exhibition about the movie)

Thank goodness, there are English subtitles to the movie! (:


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