Talking to Lynette, I remembered the question I was asked 2 years back which cities I would love to visit. And Paris was one of them.

So has Paris been to my expectations?
I haven’t been to a lot of places to give a good gauge about Paris. But just being here, somehow brings a pristine yet intriguing feel when you walk along the streets. I can’t really encapsulate it into a feeling… However, we’ve been warned about muggers. So while I want to fully enjoy Paris, I feel the need to restrain and be cautious.

As of Day 1, we’ve visited the Montmartre Cemetery, Moulin Rouge and Basilique du Sacré-Cœur, touristy places but nice. Buskers are plenty… and you might have a clarinetist or singer who might even busk in the train/station. And the Parisians dress very well or have at least one branded good on themselves.

More architectural and tourist visits tomorrow, and to sum up a movie which depicts Paris for now. Here’s a hint.

I wish I had more people to share Paris with.


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