Listopad: November in Czech
“List” meaning leaves and from the word “padat” meaning falling…
…A beautiful meaning to the month of falling leaves.

Lately, the skies has been grey and I’m thankful that for 2 days, it was sunny and I was able to admire Papa God’s creation of the autumn leaves gleaming in the sun. But since then, the sun has been setting way way way early… by 5pm it looks like 8-9pm. So gotta adjust and not be fooled by the sky’s colour.

Since coming back from Paris, it’s been really a really packed week with project meetings, having a cook-out + dinner with the Koreans/Taiwanese, short travel trips, meeting other Singaporeans to do our country presentations, lectures, design work, blaaa, etc… Ahem, sorry guys that this blog has not been getting enough TLC!

As of today, 2 months has passed while in Prague. There is definitely lots of memories that I have collected within this span, that won’t be able to amount in words in this post or with the amount of photos on fb. But the memories that I have in Singapore are also something that shouldn’t be forgotten. It was even more apparent when I met up with the other Singaporeans for discussion over our country presentation. A sense of pride and nostalgia just swells up even when we were looking at a youtube video about Singapore and its attractions. Especially when we are overseas, we will tend to treasure the things that are around us more and even be more appreciative.

I must say I REALLY DO MISS SINGAPORE and EVERYONE THERE. Just the thought of writing this now is making my emotions swell. But I do know that I have Jesus with me every step of the way.

I will never leave you nor forsake you. – Hebrews 13:5

But aside from that, I’m blessed with things that I have with me in Prague to remember you guys by. Thank you guys. Especially this…

…and I wish I could return back for Christmas. I really do.

I think it will be really different experience all together this year… But money will be a constrain for me if I want to travel back. And even the different time zone makes it hard to communicate with others online from SG. There are things I would love to say or even be frank when speaking. But then again, I somehow feel a little limited to what I can converse when I’m within the four walls of a shared room, and have to chose my words to say carefully or rather few words spoken.


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