sexy berlin

I went to Berlin with much excitement especially to see some of my fave architecture buildings. Went with Lynette and our French project group mate since we had a long weekend/ public holiday. Went to a really good hostel, its cheap and has different themes to each room. I can give recommendations if anyone is planning to go there next time. (:

Going to put up photos of Berlin soon, but to sum up what happened on each day, it was a intuitive thing to plan it this way..

Day 1: Architecture/ Tourist Places
Day 2: Architecture/ Arts, History, Culture (Museum Visits)
Day 3: Alternative Berlin (Free Walking Tour)

Photos to be up soon. (If I managed to finish my work first!)

I think one of the highlights was to do our entire trip on a bike. Yep, cycling on the streets was a little nerve wrecking at first because there are cars and all. But its good that the cars give way to cyclist and there was also designated places for cycling on roads and paths which made it easy for us to travel and cover more grounds. Quite thankful that our French friend guided us on the road (since France is considered a cycling nation)… the routes that we covered each day really made us feel like we exercised a lot.

While I very much enjoyed the places we visited, it was different experience from Hamburg where everything was design-centric and for Berlin, which was more historically embedded (with WW2) and more raw. During our walking tour, our guide even calls Berlin as poor but sexy. Which I think it was true to some extend… what we has seen other than tourist places were street art of all sorts, artist squatters and places we would never have thought would be in Berlin. So I guess it was a good mix and a comprehensive trip!


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