This is home truly

Tomorrow is Singapore’s turn to present during the country presentation to other exchange students! It’s like a friendly competition with Malaysia, Nepal and Kyrgyzstan.

It’s pretty nice to have other Singaporeans to talk to. Especially when you hear others with the same accent… its as though its something familiar. Anyway, going to prepare teh tarik and the guys are doing some chicken wings for the food tasting bit. It was pretty hard trying to find ingredients to do local recipes, so this is what we could do for now. Hope it will turn out well! Gotta prepare food for like over 80 people. (The thought came to mind about how Jesus fed the 5000 in the bible… That was really something!)

Presentation videos are pretty much done, with some games and a mini dance to end it off. Looking through and doing up the videos, there is this feeling of belongingness and identity to Singapore and even the things that make us unique! Not that there wasn’t when I was back in SG but its more apparent being so far away from home! Even singing those NDP songs really has the greater feel!

Now it’s time to put on a RED tee and do Singapore proud.


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