A prayer for the nations

Haven’t been updating much… Heh, sorry guys!

Ever since being in a foreign land, I haven’t been in touch with the news (both locally and back in SG). The occasional news feed from FB or quick news from those whom I have spoken with online is the only slice of knowledge I get about what is happening.

Recently, the church that I attend to in Prague, has been focusing their prayer time to pray for Africa. Africa and its different nations is having famine, and the drought is making the situation worst. Within Europe, the media has not been covering what is happening there. So do check out this link and read through, and pray for a heart for this people and for this situation. Horn of Africa

Pretty overwhelmed by what the information wrote and while people in the church are contributing through their finances and doing bake sales, the least you and I can do is to PRAY! The church has been doing on a 30 day prayer where each day we pray for a specific area of focus for Africa. So may I ask if you could join in to pray for this country, for God to work His way and for the churches there to stand strong through this time.


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