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Earworm of the day: He is We’s songs which has been on repeat in my mind.

And finally I can access the school’s internet on my laptop, after such a long long time! Since the last few days, things in studio are picking up. Submission is is less than a months time and I’ve been meeting up with my group mates to do up our work. Took me a while to start the engine, and even to communicate on the same level as my friends. Other assignments are also going to be due pretty soon before Christmas, so its time to start finishing them up! One of them will be an urban design presentation (with Nurzhan and Lynette) to the whole class (made up of exchange students)… pretty nerve recking but pray it will go well and also to be able to do a good compilation of that work too!

And CHRISTMAS IS AROUND THE CORNER!!! I’m pretty excited because the atmosphere in the Prague old town and city centre has been filled with lovely lightings, decorations, hot wine, nice treats and Christmas markets! Though it hasn’t snowed yet (weather report says its late this year), I wish for it and the scene will look perfect.

Christmas Deco at our Slovenian dinner

The only sad part of all this is that I won’t be able to celebrate this Christmas with family and friends. Even my room mate is going to be away with her family during that time. Will be one interesting Christmas… On the plus side, I can’t wait for the early Christmas dinner my room mates will be planning and also for the planned skype dates with church friends! (((:

Time to review some of my travel photos.
Now Adele’s songs are my next earworm.



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