home sweet home praha

Really thank God for His protection and for even the change of events prior to my one day trip to Vienna! I’m glad that my dad talked some sense into me before the trip and also a big THANK YOU to those who have kept me in your prayers!

My initial plan was to travel alone to look at the architecture sites while my flatmate and her Czech friend will have their own plans. The thought was crazy enough that a girl would be walking around on her own in an unknown country, let alone not knowing the language and in the cold. A few hours prior to the trip, did the thought of wandering Vienna was just scary (in terms of security) but also the tingling sense of adventure.

Just before we left for the bus ride, did both of my travelling companions decided to follow my on my “aki tour”, so I was really thankful I had company. The trip was really good, as I almost managed to go to what I had planned on my journey. Though I didn’t try any famous cakes or Vienna coffee (which it was a pity), the experience of being in this city was worth it!

Being in the Christmas market, was a totally different concept from the Christmas street you get along Orchard Road. Rows of stalls selling Christmas goodies and sweets, Christmas figurines of the birth of Jesus could be bought, the smell of sausages and mulled wine, the sound of the choir singing carols. Everything looked quaint and cheery… so it was nice to soak the atmosphere! While this has been mentioned in Europe that it is one of the best market during Christmas, I would love to visit the Christmas market in Prague’s Old Town, which I have yet to do.

Aside of the warm fuzzy feeling of Christmas in Vienna, I got a HUGE workout there too. Since our hostel was a distance, and train tickets in Vienna are counted by the trips and transfers you make, we decided to travel around the city with our bags and toiletries. And boy was I not expecting it was going to be that tiring! If I’m not wrong, we walked for more than 10-15k for the whole day! Even up till now, my shoulders and legs are aching from the walking. But on the plus side, I took it as a form of exercise!

Well Christmas is here!!! 2 dinners with friends tomorrow and the next! Can’t wait! (((:

A quiet one for me on the weekend…
It will be a nice wish if some of you guys are online! *hint hint*


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