Till we meet

Well in a week’s time (counting from Singapore’s hours), I will be back!

A part of me misses home, friends and family. And another part is going to miss Prague, Europe and the friends I have met along the way. Time passes real fast especially during the last few days of our final design submission (even our school had placed a digital countdown to the number of hours and minutes left!) I’m really thankful to have this opportunity to go halfway round the world not only for studies but to have fulfilled part of my dream for travelling and to be in Europe. It wasn’t at all a smooth journey as I met with a roller coaster of incidents and experiences during my time in Prague and on my travels. But it is through these times that I see how God is still my guide and provider.

I do hope to bring back part of the Prague lifestyle I had. Not for drinking or partying (which is totally out of the question), but the working environment. Only on occasions did Lynette and myself have to stay up with little hours of sleep to do up a work. But we found ourselves having time to do our work and even to go out be it window shop or travels. You could say its the work/life balance and a more chill/relax lifestyle, then the hustle and bustle of striving/working so much back in Singapore.

Hmm… as a thought, how would you view migrating? Would you see it as a norm? I have friends who have been asked if they would ever migrate out of Singapore, but there are always two camps. To stay or to go. Both has its good and bad, but I think its a consideration that shouldn’t be a mere answer to a causal question.


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