You dance over me

HELLO Singapore! It’s really great to be back! I really thank God for protecting and holding me through the journey I have made over the past 4 months on foreign soil. Time really flies and returning back to the people I miss is such a joy. That calls for lots of catch ups to be done.


Had the chance to watch Courageous. If you haven’t watched it, PLEASE DO.  It talks about four fathers who worked as law-enforcers. The movie journeyed through their lives about how they tried to tackle fatherhood. But when setbacks and event come their way, only God was able to call them out to be the fathers He has destined them to be.


While this is a show that is catered towards guys or fathers in general, I won’t say that the girls are left out of this. There are certain learning points to take back, one of which is to see how we can honour our fathers, brothers and men in our life and encouraging them to also pursue a life that emulates the image of Papa God.


I admit, this was the first time (or maybe rare time) I have ever cried in the cinema. (In an attempt not spill too much details of the movie,) One of the most touching part of the movie was the scene of the dad who broke down and wept after surrendering his pain and sorrow over the death of her daughter. In an earlier scene, he declined to dance with her and had regret not doing so. It was a meaningful yet beautiful scene of a father’s love for his daughter and also how our Lord Jesus also dances over us with delight and love.


Well here’s the song that was the dance was to. Love the song. (:

When We’re Together- Mark Harris


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