P.U.S.H: Pray Until Something Happens

To compensate for the lack of writing last week and for the sudden juices that got me to write this, I leave you with a very long post. (:


Last week was just one crazy week with submissions every day. Even though certain things didn’t go as planned, like having half of my submitted video being kind of pixelated, I am thankful for God for giving me the strength and perseverance to pull me through those times. Without Him, I wonder how I would have survived.


Even as I look to closing the final semester of my BA in 5 more weeks (goodness I can’t believe its already ending!), I know there are still many things to be submitted in due time. But it is in this times, that I know His mighty hand is at work when I come in surrender. I am not capable of doing it in my own strength but only in God’s. In these times, we are to pray and seek Him MORE.


Continuing in the same light, what was shared in MWLM brought new revelation to the idea of prayer and intercession. Hearing from an intercessor who was the guest speaker of the day, she shared about the posture we are to take when praying. We are to jealously guard our time to make time to pray, just like Daniel in the bible. When she said those words, it stood out so strongly, I had to highlight it.


Have we given God proper due respect and the time as part of our worship and offering onto Him? Even when we think that there are so many stuff that is seeking our attention, God is of top priority! But on top of that, when we pray (in this case, for a revival), we should come with an attitude of hunger and desperation for the things on God’s heart.

She also mentioned John Sung, a evangelist during the times before WW2 who brought a wave of revival. If you have a read on his bio on the link (para 7), it even describes how he diaries a list of people he prays for and it keeps growing in number! But all of this revivals that happen in China and SEA would not have happened without much intercession for the people.

It also reminded me of a Korean missionary I met in the church in Prague. She showed me her diary which she keeps of each new believer she is following up with and also another book which she indicates prayer pointers and updates what she has been praying for her husband, three children and the family. I truly have great respect for what she is doing and I think this is something that I would like to adopt. It was also something that Pastor Daniel suggested for us to do. Write down those prayers (whom we are praying for) and from there see if there are new prayer pointers as you continue to intercede for them.


To sum it all up, I leave you with this by Pastor Daniel who use this verse to highlight about intercession being about the needs of others than ourselves.


Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16


Now as I reflect back and write this, I’m just blown away by this revelation about prayer and intercession. I know its something I am trying to move into and it gives me great joy and hope to see others who have done so and have paved the way for greater things to come in God’s Kingdom!



On another note, caught this ad for an up and coming movie called Joyful Noise. Seems like an interesting movie to catch, especially if you are one into singing and music. Just watching the trailer makes me feel like breaking into a song and dance! Hopefully if time permits, I wouldn’t mind catching this! (:



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