Thanksgiving (:

*Strikes off last week*
Two more weeks to the start of the holidays…
4 more hurdles to jump and complete…
Till then, its going to be total surrender and dependency on Papa!


Looking back at last week, I can only praise God for what He has done. There were lots of contemplations and prayer over resurrection weekend and the answer I received from God was really for His purpose. During that period, I found myself having to look deep into what was the REAL REASONS for my decisions were. Fear crippled all my reasoning and only clouded my vision of what He really want to do.
This particular verse stood out for me,
If you have raced with men on foot
and they have worn you out,
how can you compete with horses?

Jeremiah 12:5
Interestingly, this was part of God’s answer to Jeremiah’s complain. Ps Jenn had taught through this verse during Leaders’ Advance and it just refreshes in my mind about how I’m looking at this race I’m running… Anyway, I really thank God for His word for encouraging me during this time and also for wisdom He given to my dad to talk through my decision. So as He leads me into this season, its a moment of stepping out of the water! I can only take it a step at a time, knowing He got all things worked out. Therefore, I’m continuing on to Master’s! (:
With that decision cleared, it only meant I had to submit a 2500 essay for my dissertation in less than 5 days. In the beginning, I was worried like crazy. Don’t you get the feeling you know what God’s nature and assurance is in your life, but when at the crunch, the problem seems bigger than God?
But I was surprised by what led on.
I was invited by this lady for lunch a day before my submission. I was not expecting her to ask since I didn’t know her well. She sat me down and wanted to talk as a leader to a leader. As we talked, all I could do was sit and absorb like a sponge. Her words really made so much sense and even allowed me to ponder on the deeper questions that I need to ask. But most importantly, it wasn’t just yak-king, but everything related back to our Creator. And wow, she radiates a passion and desire as a woman of God.
Fast forward: For the next 24hrs till Friday, there was this peace that I never felt. Pretty surreal for the fact that in previous cases, I might have a tingling sense of worry that the dateline is close. But I believe, that God really changed my perspective and really redirecting my attention time and again back to Him. After that day, somehow, it made sense now…
As for the next two weeks, I’m gonna hang on.
To my dear friend,
Do your best, go make everyone proud.
But most importantly do it for God.


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