We are more than this

Two Ds ended on Thursday.. Design and Dissertation Presentation…
I couldn’t have done it without Him. 2 more to go!
Took a break before heading on to start on my essay, I decided to re-watch The Chronicles of Narina: The Dawn Treader. Do watch if you have the chance! Interestingly, there were other movies I could have selected which I have never watched before. But somehow, watching this again allowed it to speak to me. Reminds me of those times during HIP solitude time when some of the things we do like going to the park to take photos or watching a movie, can allow God to speak to us.

Well, it is one of my all time favourites as there are just so many instances from the movie I could pick out and learn from it. This are just personal thoughts I got from the movie but not exhaustive of now.
Overcomer of hidden fears and issues of insecurity
Conqueror of struggles of earthly pursuits or desires
Chiselled to reveal a transformed life
Beauty out of the imperfections

Plus, I get excited and blown away when Aslan appears and speaks. He has so much authority and wisdom. And like the above quote, it brings so much meaning and reminder of a God we have, who wants a relationship with us.

I’m pretty inspired by the character, Reepicheep. Though he is a mouse, he has so much courage and confidence bigger than himself and I thought I share these two quotes which he says to Eustace when he turned from a boy into a dragon. In the beginning, the boy could not accept being a dragon and was afraid to even go into the battlefield, until Reepicheep drew out the truth of what Eustace could truly be. (A mouse telling that to a dragon!) Even as you read it, I do hope it blesses and encourages you to know that “…in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.” Romans 8:37

Thank Jesus, for letting this movie speak to me.
I gotta hang on and not run from fear.


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