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Wow. I cannot believe that this semester passes so fast. Really. Seriously fast. To think that I dropped off on Singapore shores and then whisked away into the whole semester. I think many of my friends felt the same, especially those of us who suffered from ‘post-exchange syndrome‘. There wasn’t any form of transition to gradually get us back into the groove of school. Most of us had to just bite the bullet and just move on with it.
Majority of my modules dealt with critical essay writing and I struggled to write, at times comparing with the junior college people in my cohort that they had better literary skills or the critical knowledge than me, of a polytechnic standard. But out of this weakness, I always had to surrender to God and let Him be the centre. I really thank God when He shown me time and again His faithfulness, grace and really giving me the strength, wisdom and perseverance. And also for wonderful friends who stood by to pray and to rally. (:
Anyway, the above photo is just a snippet of the final crit, but all these were only the result of hard work and lots of time spent leading up to this day. The low down of pre/production work is just another facade. But I do miss those times especially during the last few days before the finals when you know everyone has one common goal, to finish this well. And even those crazy moments when everyone takes turns to be the DJ to blast music, sing songs and joke, its camaraderie in a new form!
It’s suppose to the school break, but it looks like the school wants me back. Four of the design teams has been selected and to quote my tutor, “make everything look sexy.” (seriously!) within these two weeks. The final two will head in a showdown with other well-known archi schools in the competition. It’s kind of a bummer to be doing additional job out of school term but I have to let Colossians 3:17 sink deep.
And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him. (NKJV)
And I can finally say I’ve watched hunger games!
Wish I could have gone for “hunger games” paintball with my friends. But their odds were not in their favour, bleeding bruises was one of them.

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