On a day like this

Received a lovely sms from Pastor Tina who quoted out of Proverbs 31, and I love it when it reveals something new… To all mums, be it whether you are a physical mum to your children or spiritual mum to many in your service… THANK YOU! It was a privilege to pass out some of the origami flowers and apples today… My words will not be able to say much, but Proverbs 31 sums up what the Lord has called and say of your unending dedication. May those around you will rise up and call you blessed.
Happy Mother’s Day! (:
On top of that, it was interesting how the morning of Mother’s Day was and I thank God for it, especially when I really felt like sleeping in… and not travel to make an errand… But being on the train today, I witnessed two different parenting methods. The first couple gave their child an ipad to play with, and the child was just fixated on the screen, much to the parent’s relief that she did not scream the whole train down. The second couple played and spoke with their child, there was much laughs and joy. But when she got noisy, they spoke to her nicely, not a harsh tone or spanking was done.

It is such a sad fact that some parents opt for the first, giving their child a “pacifier” in the form of electronic gadgets to keep them quiet or to entertain themselves. Have people lost a sense of the word, COMMUNICATION? This was not the only instance I have seen, and you might come across your fair share of this “pacifier” scenario. But today was just an exception which the Lord was showing me today, probably as a reminder on this special day. I pray parents will see that providing for the needs of the child does not come from the use of an ipad or a handphone, but to see the essence of communication as key to the development of the child and interaction with the parents.

But in light of these two parenting scenes, it also reminded me that true communication comes from God. He truly and really wants to speak and communicate with us. There are many things that distract us, but are we able to turn back our focus to Him?
Lord, I chose not to settle for second best.

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