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This summer holiday ain’t no holiday. It is the time for students in my architecture course to work on their dissertation. What is this dissertation you might ask? Its a 10,000 word research paper on a topic chosen by the student to write about as a part of the Master’s requirement. 10,000 seems like a Goliath to me and while I am still trying to research on a topic, a sudden jab of fear creeps in.
Sometimes it is hard to make sense of the intangible and of what might lie ahead of this. I am holding on to God’s truth and that is where a measure of faith and hope from Him is needed. I am really praying for Godly wisdom and a tad of creative juices! Appreciate your prayers too!

Seeing this was truly an ‘AMEN’ moment. It is just one of the many wallpapers I found from this link that has encouraged me. I really love how each image depicts a story, and its inspiring me to also be a better photographer.
On this same topic, I recalled looking through some of my seniors’ dissertation a couple of months back. 2 pages down from the cover page, every dissertation I read had this single page which to me was a surprise to appear in an academic paper.
It was an “Acknowledgement Page”.
If actors stood on stage to thank everyone who made their Oscar win a reality, this acknowledgement page was of that sort. Each student wrote down who they wanted to thank, a majority wrote their parents, family members, names of friends and tutors who have supported and helped them in this journey of writing this paper. There was even the amusing one which thanked FIFA World Cup for the entertainment during those sleepless nights! But more so, I am encouraged by those who wrote on the first line, “I thank God for…”
To me, it does speak volumes on the student who wrote that. It shows a declaration of the faithfulness and goodness of God. Plus, the fact that this dissertation will get published in hard copy for the library and posted on the internet portal, it only serves as a statement of one’s faith and thankfulness too.
The thought came of who I should write in my acknowledgement page…
but thanking God will definitely be the first.

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