Of Fashion, Architecture & Arts

Decided to steer off the usual for just this while and highlight some interesting happenings in the field of fashion, architecture and arts that caught my attention. Looking through their images shows me that we have such a creative Creator and Architect, and we, who have the mind of Christ is given the capacity of wisdom and knowledge to do these beautiful things.
“and he (the Lord) has filled him with the Spirit of God, with wisdom, with understanding, with knowledge and with all kinds of skills” – Exodus 35:31


Singapore Audi Fashion Fest was a couple of days back. Zac Posen, a famous American fashion designer was in Singapore to showcase his works. Love how many of his dresses shows his signature colours and structured details.



One of Sou Fujimoto’s latest work. I wonder if this is a dream or a nightmare to be living in this but to the clients they wanted to feel like nomads. If you check out their other images, it is a freaking small space! Though I like how its gives the Japanese vibe (white, clean lines, no clutter), it looks like one can parkour from one space to another or even drop out of it.



Something to look forward to this Singapore Arts Festival! Called Flux, it features a horse and depicts the story between a centaur and a dragon. What I read somewhere was that the duo, Manolo Bez and Camille Galle, are incorporating the Chinese tradition of the lion dance/dragon into it. Plus it was said it was truly a feat to train the horse to get use to new colours and elements. The best part about this is that it is a free show (18-23 May). I want to catch this! (:


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