Let God write your love story

Wow, it’s June already.

Was watching this a couple of weeks back and it was truly a moving and personal story. It is simple to thank God when things go well. But when the things you love gets stripped away, are you able to hold on to God? Here faith gets tested and when it comes refined under fire, it will be proved of its worth and Christ is revealed and glorified. On top of that, it made more sense especially after reading this from a friend’s blog which she had quoted from someone who was getting married.
“But marriage… is a big risk in the first place. Who can predict who will end up with illness or an accident? Do we marry based on calculated prediction? Do we marry based on measured liability? I would rather marry a good man with a higher risk of illness than a man I didn’t admire half as much and risk his infidelity.”
Really like what was said. How true are those words! I think it help set in perspective for her to see beyond the physical. But more importantly, God proves to us of His love for each and everyone of us that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Therefore, we are able to love those around us in a greater measure. But moving closer towards boy-girl relationships, relationships need to value the aspect of honouring God and what His word says. I am saying this because I am particularly sadden by a situation of this dating couple and how their circle of church friends are being involved in it. I really hope God will intervene into it.
And to girl who’s in Prague now, this video is for you.

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