Wise Up.

0300: Fatigue continues.
There were many instances that my limits were being pushed today. I really wanted to pull my hair and just scream. If I had the chance to I would have. But I knew I had to diffuse my own ticking time-bomb, more so because of the role as a leader and the environment I was in. Before I could explode, I had to pause and restrain the tone of my words. Walk out. Breathe in and out. By God’s grace if I did not, I might have flared, kicked a chair, slapped someone or goodness know what. It did get me thinking about my heart’s condition towards others.
Moreover within the span of today, being letdown by people I care about also surfaced. Somehow just by the different kind of responses, it gives me a hint into how one handles situations. I am disappointed but it is time to change. Guys, wise up. Things that were taught from Your word seem to hit the mark. But more so, I ask myself how am I to see this through Your lens? Enough talk, I know I have a part to play.
Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification.
Romans 14:19


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