After Thoughts

After writing the previous post, I thank God that it only made me reflect even more about it and how I have a part to play. I realised that even though people do not want to response in a manner that is favourable, it could only be my own “unreasonable” expectations. Sometimes when we hurt, it is easy to shun ourselves from the people who have hurt us and in the process we end up hurting ourselves more.
That is when I see that at times, I have to love through God’s way even though it hurts. God always brings us into different situations to learn from them. And from this, it was a journey that God was showing me that I have to still love others without demanding for it to reciprocated.
A friend shared with me from a devotional material about John 17:20-26. It talks about how God has created us for relationship with people just as the Holy Trinity is. Here, Jesus prays that we will find unity with each other and share in each others burden.
And now as I see it, I do make mistakes and here I am being real about it. Just like Jesus and Stephen, who show us to be examples of loving people even though they were persecuted. My situation dims in comparison with what they have gone through! My prayer is to allow God’s love to flow through me and to love people even though I find it hard to love already.
Unconditional love, may His love enable us to do so.

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