The Cave

What I had planned to write changed, but I do see the relevance of this moment. Even though the body is lacking of sleep, the stomach grumbles and an interim presentation is due so soon, this was one of the rare wee mornings where an undisturbed time with the Lord was so rewarding.
Prior to that a lot of thoughts ran through my mind, only to cause me to be emotionally drained. It was a conversation with God that was tear stained with jumbled feelings of being afraid, clueless, pain, anger… well, not a single word to actually describe it. Sitting stumped after that, the Lord began to question where my heart was, as though His finger started to poke at my heart. Repentance followed but still I had questions. The Lord then reminded me of 1 Kings 18:16 – 19:18.
In a quick gist, Elijah showed God’s power on Mount Carmel against the Baal prophets, only to run super speed into the wilderness out of fear of Jezebel; and there telling God he wanted to die, but was fed by an angel and strengthen on his 40 days and nights journey. The Lord brought Elijah through a spiritual high to an all time low. But it gets interesting in 19:9; Elijah came to meet with the Lord- And it starts in a cave.
It was Elijah’s refuge. Hidden and safe away from everything that was happening. But God called him out to meet Him. Wind, earthquake and fire rocked the place, but in the still small voice, God appeared. Elijah stood at the edge receiving the fresh revelations over what he had to do.
This vivid scene was God’s reminder to me that it was His voice that matters. To listen to Him and be obedient to what He has placed on my heart. No cave hiding. Even though highs and lows come my way, He wants me to just be in His presence. And being in His presence led me to three songs that was placed on my heart and each significant of what He wanted me to hear, remind myself and to worship Him.
For this morning, I am truly thankful.

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