Pray like never before

Credits to Lisa Bevere
Days are numbered and there is so much left to be done.
As I face my giants, I have to keep praying that things will overcome.

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11 thoughts on “Pray like never before

  1. harleyrev says:

    this is great. I Pressed this !!!

  2. Wow. Do we really have to pray that way? :)

    • samiko says:

      As how Lisa was writing about it, “Fear will pray worry prayers”. So how I see it is really about praying beyond the circumstances or even “safe” prayers… its about praying with FAITH and believing God that He can do more than we can ask for, to me that’s a perspective change to praying. (:

  3. Love this!!!! My husband and I are praying these kind of prayers, submitting them to the Lord, to the point of sometimes thinking our prayers a little to ”out-there” … We serve the most magnificent God, the only God! How much will He give us … up to half His kingdom :-) HHHmmm Agreed! Oh how I love You Lord! My heart feels so full – it could explode!

  4. granonine says:

    Reblogged this on Study God's Word and commented:
    Thought this was really good. Seems there’s more and more being posted about prayer these days.

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