Blessing Conversations

It is bugging me since the day before. What I saw annoyed and upset me because, it was not the first time correcting this issue that I see. Because of it, I felt restless and my sleep was really disturbed. And I could only reason that I was not filling a sense of being properly justified over that particular action that I witnessed. I am fed up with having to tell a meaningful advice and be counter-attack with certain reasons.
With so much wrestling happening over this, I happened to have a short conversation with a particular person who saw something that I wrote online. Though I could not specify what the context was about to the person and could only share what I could, this person reminded me that no matter how young they themselves are, they can still make a difference and be a blessing to anyone; even to someone who is way older.
Well, I am so thankful towards this dear person for showing me concern. It was a sweet gesture and I really pray that others will grow to have more maturity like this person was.


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