Meeting with old friends was quite a walk down memory lane. Our conversations of the past held so much experiences, laughter and old tales, as though it was just a couple of days ago since it happened. From the time we knew each other in our poly days, to army daze and exploring the new territories of studies (overseas and locally), I must say that this bunch has grown and changed over the span of our 8 years friendship. Many of us fresh-faced have stepped into the working world as interior designers, architects, and not forgetting our pastor-to-be. Though meet ups are rare, it was such a blessing to be able to have the chance to meet them all especially when everyone works on such different schedules.

The atmosphere was light-hearted as it goes and updating each other about friends we have been in contact. And somehow, all of us had a desire to see a reunion of sorts happen among our course mates. Just like how it was during our poly days, we would have BBQs and outings and no matter how many cliques there may be, somehow everyone came together and chipped in. Even so, in this season some are seeing a greater need and purpose for these meet ups as timely opportunities to be seized for His kingdom and I think it is great that even beyond graduation, that there is a higher purpose.

However, I smelled the rat when someone mentioned the BBQ was a way to invite your other half to the dinner and had tried to ask me to do so. And while the person did it out of good nature and said I shouldn’t wait and because we’re “getting to the age”, I jokingly remarked that this must be some peer pressure going on among them. Especially when the group almost went into a “gossip central” channel trying to poke more into another friend about his life.

The question did left me asking the “What ifs” about relationships. But it was a note to self that God has good things in stored for me. If I fail to see that God completes me and should be above in everything, I am making a false idol out of thinking the guy completes me fully. And that was why I could understand it from my male friend’s point of view why he would say that. I do think that sometimes things like these are quite delicate issues and maybe it isn’t just him but probably my friends must have been feeling the pressure or even concern that age is catching up on them to find someone. If only they knew that that is a Heavenly Father who loves them, with plans to prosper them and not to harm them and to give them such hope and future through Him.

If only they knew. If only.

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