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In His Time

Fear gripped the doctor just as he was about to start an operation on a patient for a brain haemorrhage. In that second, flashbacks reminded him of the same procedure he had done previous on his own younger brother. Because of certain complications that arose, his brother died while in surgery, leaving the doctor devastated.

Sensing his distress, his mentor gave him leave to rest and mourn the death of his brother, instead, the doctor went into reclusion and guilt. He would not eat or sleep because he blamed himself for not saving but “killing” his own brother. Despite his mother telling him that she dreamt of his younger brother being in a better place, the doctor doubted, thinking that his brother was still angry with him and did not appear in his own dreams.

Days later, as the doctor and mother were leaving their house to head to their brother’s memorial, his eyes caught sight of a young chap playing at the basketball court. The boy looked exactly like his younger brother! Filled with curiously, he walked towards him. The basketball rolled over and the doctor picked it up, and was face to face with the teenager.

However, it was not his brother. The boy greeted the doctor by name, reminding the doctor that he had recently gone through a heart transplant surgery and he was one of the doctors who visited him. The boy further explained how grateful he was for the donor who gave him a new heart and mentioned that if he did not receive any, he would have died and not be as active to live life as he is now.

That was when the doctor realised that the boy’s heart was his younger brother’s. True to his younger brother’s nature for helping and serving the community when he was alive, he had requested that his organs were donated when he passed on. At that point, a tear ran down the doctor’s cheek. As he wiped that tear, he smiled, knowing that his younger brother’s legacy still lived on in many other people.
It was interesting that God spoke through a HK drama show two days back. The episode was a timely message as the last few days had been a time of grieving the loss of a dear brother and cell member, Mark. Just like the character in the show, there was a sense of guilt that more could have been done. But it was clear, that was not the thing to dwell on. Instead, it was about remembering him and his life.
Mark’s life was truly a testimony of God’s grace and hand at work. He showed me what it means to persevere through life and being an overcomer in Christ during his long recovery from his accident. He had a heart that was willing to serve and pray for others despite having weaknesses and failings. His actions spoke of his commitment to God and towards worshipping Him wholeheartedly. I never forgot the time he came up to me and prayed. It was not expected but it was truly humbling.
I thank God for knowing Mark and for the friendship and journey. While there are many other instance I could mention here, I decided I leave with this verse that struck a chord with me during this grieving period.
The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases;
his mercies never come to an end;
they are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.

Lamentations 3:22-23

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Ain’t 3 by 5

“God is faithful. And when our little bit of faith would intersect with His faithfulness, God shows up big, and does amazing things in us and through us.”
WOW. After watching the video of this testimony of forgiveness, love and mercy by this pastor, I am reminded that my life isn’t just within a 3 by 5 especially after feeling like a whirlwind had hit me today and left me upset. Have to see that God has a much bigger picture and plan for all of us.

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Life continues

My apologies for being on such a long hiatus from writing. Ever since the busyness of my thesis, graduation, some rest and then moving on to the next phase of life, the pace has been going on non-stop. Starting a new job has been quite unlike any other previous internships that I have gone for. It is a whole different ball game which probably needs me to share in another upcoming post (if I am able to do so!). Though I wish there was a way to just make everything pause and allow myself to breathe, life has to still go on. So as of now I thank God for:
1) God. Yes in all sense, Him. He has seen me through ever season of my life, my ups and downs. Everyday is a journey of discovering something new with Him. Even though there were days that everything seems so far away, He is patient, all knowing and will never forsake me.
2) Friends. Especially those that matter. Not only have they spoken into my life directly or indirectly, they keep my sanity in tact.
I definitely have more things to thank God for, but this is all I shall say and allow my words to be few for now. A lot has been going on in my mind, some self doubts over certain areas and things to consider about. Other than that, I will leave with a gist of someone’s testimony that was shared at cell today.
“We tend to be people who want to see the product- the end result. But God instead wants us to go through the process, the period of waiting to see things not in our own human manner but in His, so that He prepares us for what He has in stored.”
A word that was a timely reminder to me.

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Dissertation Raider

This holiday ain’t no holiday. It is the time for architecture students to work on their dissertation. What is this dissertation you might ask? Its a 10,000 word research on a topic chosen by the student as a part of the Master’s requirement. 10,000 seems like a Goliath to me and more so trying to research on a topic to write about is something that I really need God’s wisdom and a tad of creative juices.
A couple of months back, I recalled looking through some of my seniors’ dissertations. After the cover page, every dissertation had this single page which to me was a teaser to the academic paper.
It was an “Acknowledgement Page”.
If actors stood on stage to thank everyone who made their Oscar win a reality, this acknowledgement page was of that sort. Each student wrote down who they wanted to thank, a majority wrote their parents, family members, names of friends and tutors who have supported and helped them in this journey of writing this paper. There was even the amusing one who thanked FIFA World Cup for the entertainment during those sleepless nights! But more so, I am encouraged by those who wrote on the first line, “I thank God for…”
To me, it does speak volumes on the student who wrote that. It is a declaration of the faithfulness and goodness of God. Plus, the fact that this dissertation will be published in hard copy for the library and posted on the internet, many others will get to read of that testimony.
Off the head, I wonder who I shall write in my acknowledgement page, but thanking God would definitely be the first.

Totally relate to this comic. I will be a tomb raider in search for some hidden nuggets of research.

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