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What if’s. What now’s. Where to’s.
It’s easy at times to look back to the past and be fixated on it.
To look to the present and get hurt by it by what you see or hear.
And to a future that seems like a distant unknown.
It has been so long. And it still feels long.
When will it ever end?
Let me look to what is ahead and not dwell on the old.
Be my guide, and lead me to something new.
Something I have never ventured yet on my own.
It’s hard to believe what might hold, where pain might be.
No matter how the past is, greater things are yet to come.
Help me to hold on to that truth.

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Thoughts from tonight

Many factors affect how we react to certain things; our family upbringing, developmental, social norms and environmental issues. It can be the cause to the feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. Even to the point that when left without a choice, resentment can take over as defiance. This rocks our core of our being, and our identity needs to be deeply rooted in the word of God.
Instead of asking the question of “who we are?”, we should ask, “whose we are?”. Realigning our boundaries, whether to say “no” to certain things or to make clear certain issues, allow us not to be swayed by the winds of emotions, but to help to redefine the “I” within us. But more importantly, we also have to look to the great “I am”.

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Life continues

My apologies for being on such a long hiatus from writing. Ever since the busyness of my thesis, graduation, some rest and then moving on to the next phase of life, the pace has been going on non-stop. Starting a new job has been quite unlike any other previous internships that I have gone for. It is a whole different ball game which probably needs me to share in another upcoming post (if I am able to do so!). Though I wish there was a way to just make everything pause and allow myself to breathe, life has to still go on. So as of now I thank God for:
1) God. Yes in all sense, Him. He has seen me through ever season of my life, my ups and downs. Everyday is a journey of discovering something new with Him. Even though there were days that everything seems so far away, He is patient, all knowing and will never forsake me.
2) Friends. Especially those that matter. Not only have they spoken into my life directly or indirectly, they keep my sanity in tact.
I definitely have more things to thank God for, but this is all I shall say and allow my words to be few for now. A lot has been going on in my mind, some self doubts over certain areas and things to consider about. Other than that, I will leave with a gist of someone’s testimony that was shared at cell today.
“We tend to be people who want to see the product- the end result. But God instead wants us to go through the process, the period of waiting to see things not in our own human manner but in His, so that He prepares us for what He has in stored.”
A word that was a timely reminder to me.

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