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One of these days

Not again. A sigh and its seems like a stab in my foot.
Another mistake made, and having to redo it.

Still too young to fail, too scared to sail away.
But one of these days I’ll grow old.
And I’ll grow brave and I’ll go.

One of these days.

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The feeling was so great when the response came back opposite of what I had imagined and anticipated it to be. Throughout the day, I could not help but reason out why it had to be this way and feel the sense of unfairness brewing inside me. This was not the first time, and there was an itch to respond, if not to argue back to what was mentioned. But I held back, knowing that it was not wise to do so. I struggled to find a reason to this disappointment, but was not sure if it was what it was and can only wait upon God for an answer.
To add to that, a colleague shared certain things that was of concerned at work. It scares me a bit that what was said was real and maybe I was putting it on deaf ears. And due to this, I cannot help but feel empathy towards another colleague who is facing it because of this situation. While this is apparent in any line of work, my hope is that people can be transparent and also more forthcoming towards each other.
But through all of this, I can only keep reminding myself that when the waves of disappointments come and knocks me back and forth, only God remains.

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Thoughts drift and I wonder what to do next. Work has started and there have been more questions forming in my mind. There are so many things I cannot comprehend and it puts me at a place where I start to develop doubts. My brain is too drained. If I could, I will probably be out there somewhere. But God in this period, it is your grace, strength, joy, wisdom and knowledge that is my need in all of this.

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